Architect (Greek: “architect”, “builder”) is a professional who performs architectural design, including the design of buildings, development of volume-planning and interior solutions. Architects are the creators of spaces and the birth of a living form on them. The main task of the architect is to develop new architectural concepts that would be based on three principles – the formula of M. Vitruvius “Benefit – Durability – Beauty”. Usefulness is the basis of an architectural construction, its constitutive function, which has a practical value. Strength is perfection in the technical domain. Strength and resilience is the basis, the basis of the work. This is due to calculations, construction material, design, technology, personnel. Beauty – guided by this principle, you can turn a comfortable and durable building into a real work of art.

People who have the ability to design and plan structures stop at the profession of “architect”. An architect of buildings always has his own unique handwriting and character – something that is reflected in the appearance and design of the building. Every structure is special. Every project is different.

Architecture is part of material culture – it is the construction and design of residential and public buildings. The natural environment and natural factors are reflected in architecture. The sky, earth, sun, water, air, and climate determine the nature of the structures, which are the environment of human life, affecting nature at the same time. Architecture also enters the sphere of spiritual culture, aesthetically shaping the human environment and expressing social ideas in artistic images. Functional, technical and aesthetic principles are interconnected in architecture.


Answering the question of who are the architects in modern times, we must take into account the specialization of the profession, there is a designer, and there is a designer. Does not stop and improvement of technical equipment, which helps to implement the project. In many respects, the peculiarities of an architect’s work depend on the specialization of the chosen profession:

Architect-designer. During the current period of time, this direction of the profession is quite popular. The designer-architect develops the design of interiors, is functionally engaged in the arrangement of furniture, performs the scheme of lighting, etc. How does it differ from the usual designer? – The designer is engaged only in design, aesthetic transformation of the room, but the designer-architect can provide different types of redevelopment and dramatically change the spatial environment.

Landscape Architect. Works on the design of suburban areas, parks, and gardens. The landscape architect, unlike the designer, is responsible for the structures installed on the plot, can form a project of utilities and other auxiliary elements.

Architect-designer. In this position, the architect works with the design documentation: he prepares, corrects and verifies it. He is also responsible for approving design solutions and advising clients on them. Often the architect-designer has subordinates and supervises them.

Architectural engineer. This is essentially the same architect-designer. In addition to the preparation, execution, review and approval of project documentation, he performs designer’s supervision over the work at the site. The duties of the engineer-architect include monitoring the process of the contractor’s work, and he may also participate in studies of the entrusted site.

Chief Architect. This is a very responsible, serious, management position that requires considerable experience. The chief architect is involved in the planning of all work, as well as directing design and survey activities. His responsibilities also include reviewing design and estimating documents and issuing specifications to contractors.

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