The role and need to develop a flexible financial management plan has increased manifold over the past few years due to rapidly changing market conditions, the pace of scientific and technological progress, and the acceleration of the pace of life. Companies need such a plan for the future, which will quickly adapt the overall development goals of the organization to changes in the external environment.

An effective tool for prospective management of financial activities is a financial strategy. The variety of approaches to the definition of the essence of financial strategy is widely represented in the economic literature. This is due to the fact that strategy is considered both in the context of strategic management and financial management.

Some experts characterize financial strategy as a long-term plan of action of the enterprise, which is aimed at forming and planning its financial resources. Others understand financial strategy as a system of long-term goals of financial activity of an enterprise and ways to achieve them.

Repeatedly there are interpretations characterizing financial strategy as a part of functional strategy of the organization, which is aimed at concentration and effective use of finances of the company for realization of its corporate strategy.

Thus, we can conclude that the financial strategy is a general sequential plan of action of the enterprise, aimed at achieving the goals of the company in the future and covering the process of formation and planning of finances to ensure the financial stability of the enterprise.

The main goal of the financial strategy of the organization is to achieve the optimal amount of financial resources. For this purpose, it is necessary to competently develop a financial strategy.

The process of developing a financial strategy involves not only the establishment of strategic financial objectives, but also the implementation of a plan of action to address tactical issues. In an organization, the development of financial strategy is possible only by taking into account the methods, tools and certain conditions.

When developing a financial strategy, it is important to consider the influence of external environment factors. For example, the change of economic indicators does not ensure the stability of the organization, so in these conditions, the use of the strategy of previous years becomes impossible.

The second condition is to take into account changes within the enterprise, for example, the transformation of the direction of activity, change of industry. In this case, the organization needs to develop a new financial strategy.

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